Friday, December 4, 2009

The Roses Are Here!

The roses are here!

And the dirt...

And the agapanthus...

And the Russian Lavendar. Umm, at least my gardener told me it was lavendar. It's actually Russian Sage:

I was sort of annoyed by that. I asked for lavendar. I wanted lavendar because it's so pretty and it smells so good. But this sage has a beautiful flower and the leaves, when crushed, are very aromatic. I think I'll let the mistake slide:

NOT this mistake! A gajillion day lilies. I did not order day lilies. Nuh-uh, no way. I asked for Liriope. The gardener said Ooops! and he'll swap them out tomorrow. So, the day lilies are having a sleepover just for the night. But they're going back to the nursery tomorrow.

The pugs took a keen interest in everything coming into "their" yard:

That's 51 rose bushes, and 31 different varieties. Every one of them selected for hardiness, beauty, and intense fragrance. When I look at them I break out into a happy dance.
Woo hoo! There's Julia Child:

And Angel Face:
And, umm...I forget:

Who are you, lovely? I'll have to learn all your names...

Oh man oh man oh man how do I love this one~

Some of these beauties arrived a little frayed and tattered, just around the blooms. That's okay; their leaves and stems are sturdy, and they'll be just fine.

Ohmigosh. I'm in love. With this...pinky thing. What's your name, sweetheart?

Thank goodness every bush comes with a name tag!

For the strongly-colored corner of our garden, which the hubby wanted, there's Wild Blue Yonder:
...and the ever-lovely Double Delight. How beautiful they're all going to look against the picket fence!

Heh. I never noticed how good the Boy's zippy little red car looks against the pickets, too:

The gardeners come back tomorrow morning to plant everything. Which means the roses have to sit outside, looking gorgeous. And very portable. Where somebody could just...hop that fence and carry them away in the night! ACK!!!

I'm sleeping outside on the front porch tonight. With a torch and a shotgun. Just in case, y'know.

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  1. GORGEOUS roses! What a beautiful display they will make, along with the other floral plants you selected -- and set against your lovely, new picket fence! LOVE it all! "Julia Child" looks very much like a cross between my "Brandy" (deeper) and "Just Joey" (slightly paler?); and one of the "no names" looks sort of like my "Chicago Peace", but you said didn't think you got that one? You out did me, I only have 33 roses in my tiny yards -- actually, less than that now because we took out a few that weren't doing well in the back with hopes of adding others this winter; I will be looking at your yummy list for ideas! Thanks for sharing - it is such fun to see! xoxo



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