Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Morning in December

The Boy's menorah:

Ancient pottery shards from the land of the Maccabees:

The aftermath of six bajillion latkes:

Aluminum foil prepped with cooking spray. Looks like the night sky filled with hundreds of tiny stars:

Still life with candy:

Melting chocolate, Part I:

Melting chocolate, Part II:

Chopped peppermint sticks:

Is there anything NOT wonderful that starts with butter, sugar, and vanilla?

Pug waiting for spills to hit the floor:

My ancient flour sifter:

A pile of flour that looks like the Matterhorn:

Cookie dough with chopped pecans:

Still life with apples:

Cookie dough logs, ready for chilling:

Sun pugs:
The end of a productive morning:

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