Saturday, July 11, 2015

Further Adventures of Jessica the Foster Kitten

 Our foster kitten "Jessica" is growing in confidence daily:

Now she's chill around the pugs, especially when they're being quiet:

She's getting confident enough to go up to them and take an exploratory sniff:

Here's Mu Shu, just watching the kitten show:

 She's fascinated by my laptop--to the point that it's hard to get any work done:

I ate some cherries out of this colander, and she kept pulling it toward her with her paw. I thought she wanted a cherry, so I bit one in two and offered it to her. She sniffed it politely, but what she really wanted was the colander! It has been a favorite toy--especially when we put a ball inside it:

I fed her and Pao the some little treats, and hers skittered under his belly. She tried to get it out. Pao tried to not freak out as a kitten tickled his undersides:

She strikes such gorgeous poses by the window. The light there is great:

 This was yesterday. Three pugs basking in the sun, and Jessica exploring around them:

I was just about to take this fun kitten tunnel to Goodwill, since Lovely Daughter #1 doesn't need it any more (Olivia got too big to fit). So glad I didn't, because Jessica loves it:

Yesterday was a big day. The Boy and I barricaded off the family room, and we let her explore it. She liked sharing the couch with The Boy:

And even with Won Ton:

The chaise was also a hit. Do you think she knows what a great looker she is?

Speaking of lookers, here's a couple of my beauties:

Although Jessie's kitten antics have turned our lives upside down...

We're having fun. And she's learning to be a wonderful, laid-back cat!

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