Monday, July 6, 2015

A Month of Polka Dots

How did it get to be July so fast?! Here's a swift rundown of some polka-dotted wonderfulness that I noticed in the past month. First up, this little Chihuahua mix is a neighbor of mine. His name is "Gordito" ("little fatty" in Spanish). He has two big polka dots on one side:

And a cute mini-dot on the other:

This is "Arrow," (f.k.a. "Acute"), one of the kittens that was fostered by my Lovely Daughter #1 for a few weeks. He has two teeny brown polka dots--freckles, really--on his pink nose:

This adorable bulldog was romping on the leash-free beach when we took the pugs there recently. He/She sported one super-sized polka dot:

This little ladybug rode in my car for a while. His/Her shoulder dots almost look like epaulets. Look at those teeny-tiny feelers!:

This beautiful polka-dot skirt by fiber artist Alabama Chanin is done by layering two lightweight jersey knits over each other, hand-sewing around each dot, and then (very carefully) cutting away the top layer to reveal the inner layer. The model's stance isn't very graceful, and her shoes are awful, but I love the idea of the cutaway polka dot skirt:

Just one quibble: Couldn't you match up the dots on that center seam?

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