Friday, April 10, 2015

High Sierra Beauty and Highway 395

Several weeks ago, The Hubby and I skied Mammoth Mountain one last time with Lovely Daughter #1, before she leaves to begin her career as an ER doctor in New York City. The High Sierra is shockingly short of snow due to a severe drought. But as we left Mammoth and drove down Highway 395, Nature's beauty poured forth, like a geyser.

I kept snapping photos. Every moment was more beautiful than the next.

It was a ski trip--and a car ride--to treasure for years.

There was this odd, lenticular sort of cloud with a rainbow halo atop it. Magical!:

Now, those are some happy cows:

Imagine popping out to your local convenience store for diapers or a diet soda, and this is what you get to see:

Good golly:

Near the end of the spectacular shadow-and-light show, I snapped a picture of my favorite sign. It made me think of my dad, who loved fishing for Rainbow Trout in the High Sierra:

So many happy memories made and remembered, that weekend.



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