Sunday, March 8, 2015

A Recycled Hutch and Celebrating Spring

I finally removed all the Valentine's Day things from the hutch that I dragged home from an alley several years ago. Now it's decked out with a simple array of things to celebrate Spring: 

My favorite pug statuettes from Z Gallerie are wearing spring-green bows:

This is one of a pair of candelabras I found in a junk shop. The realistic ivy and whimsical look appeal to me:

The Hubby and I share the same initials, so this plate by Kate Spade in springy colors was fun to display:

I bought the pierced-work ginger jar from a place that's gone out of business. It sold home and garden goods at great prices, and it was within walking distance of our house. I miss it, but at least I have a half-dozen or so of these jars. In the summer, they're great outside at night with a votive candle inside them, because they cast beautiful shadows on the ground:

My rosemary bush is bright green, courtesy of some recent rains, and the sprigs smell wonderful:

A file folder of invitations and flight schedules is a fixture on the hutch year 'round, as is the calendar:

Welcome, Spring! Now just please go visit the East Coast, too, okay?

And send them hope that their roses will bloom again, too:

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