Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Puppy Madness!

This is "Lisa," a three-month-old German Shepherd Dog:

The Hubby and I went to a Boxing Day party last weekend, and it was all I could do to talk to the adults there, like a grown person is supposed to. I just wanted to hang out with Lisa.

And hold her enormous paws:

Lisa was tired out from a day full of playing, so she was quiet and very sweet, even with the party's smaller guests.

About a nanosecond after The Hubby took this photo, below, Lisa forgot her manners and nipped me on the chin.

Ow! Puppy teeth!

I've raised a puppy: it was a hard, frustrating year. (Mine had some medical and behavioral issues.) I don't want that experience again, ever.

But visiting one is sort of fun!

1 comment:

  1. Ahh…the joys of sweet puppy breath, fuzzy paws, cuddly-soft snuggles, and precious “perfect sleeper” poses! The sharp teeth, constant supervision/reprimands and training…not so much. Its a good thing they are so cute!



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