Monday, December 22, 2014

Little Miss Panda

Today I took Lovely Daughter #2 out for breakfast at a local foodie attraction, Joan's on Third. While we were eating on the porch, a young woman came up with this cutie on a leash:

This is "Panda," a five-month-old Coton de Tulear:

Her breed's name means "cotton," but she feels like spun silk. She's about five pounds and won't get much bigger when she's full grown. Absolutely adorable--peaceful and friendly: usually this dog is all white, so black and white is very unusual. This is NOT a a breed you find in the shelters, folks. Even so, my heart melted. It's not Panda's fault that her owner didn't pick a homeless dog to be family:

The polka-dot bows? I die:

Panda is from New York and, according to her owner, was having trouble adjusting to our balmy weather.

Go back to New York, little one, and tell everybody else to adopt, not shop.

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  1. We have two Coton’s in our neighborhood, and they couldn’t look less alike: One is small, white, and shaved/groomed; the other is much larger, with LONG fluffy grey & white hair (resembles a mop). Couldn’t believe they were the same breed. Both are adorable, and equally soft!. But, yes: Adopt, don’t shop!



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