Friday, October 3, 2014


Now that the big redecorating push in our house is complete,  there's just a few little tweaks left to do.

For instance, we have a big, gilt-framed mirror in the front entry that was always a reddish gold. It didn't look so great in our new color scheme, which leans much more toward blues and grays. I used a little silver-colored Rub-n-Buff to take away some of the brassiness:

Here's the Before:                                                       And here's the After:

Much nicer!

On the hutch in our family room, I used a hinged basket to store the pugs' poop bags, treats, etc. But the basket wasn't very attractive, so I searched for an alternative. I was intrigued by this shoe-shiner's box I found at a local vintage shop:

And it looked great on the hutch. But I couldn't open it up fully to reach inside:

Oops. So I returned the box and found this adorable tin can instead. Its navy-on-white color scheme fits right in. And the fact that it says "Dog Biscuits"? Well, that just sealed the deal!:

 A few more tweaks like this, and we'll be finished.

Until next time.

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  1. Help, I'm desperately trying to find out about this mirror, was gifted to me and have looked for another one for a year,do you have any info you can share? Please contact me on FB messenger, Faith Lane, thank you



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