Thursday, September 12, 2013

Roadside Rescue: Bamboo-and-Rattan Chair

A few days ago a neighbor put this lovely old bamboo-and-rattan lounge chair out by the trash. I thought it would be perfect for the back patio of Lovely Daughter #1 and her two housemates. But first, the chair needed some comfy cushions. I bought these on sale at Pier 1:

It's a little bit beat up, but as long as folks don't jump up and down in the chair, it should be fine:

I used a stiff brush to sweep away the cobwebs and a damp rag to wash off the dirt. Then I applied a coat of wax to hydrate the dry wood a little:

The cushion for the back wasn't quite tall enough, so I opened up a small bit of the top seam and inserted some durable cotton webbing, then stitched the seam shut:

The webbing is flexible and long enough to tie into bows at the top of the chair, thus raising the back cushion a few inches:

Because it created a gap between the back and seat cushions, I filled in the space with a toss pillow (also on sale at Pier 1):

Do you see Mu Shu lurking? I lured him out behind the photo with a few words in a squeaky voice:

I also bought this toss pillow, which is more of a contrast to the seat and back cushions. Won Ton kindly stepped in to model for me:

(Oh, those cute, crooked teeth!) So do you like the square pillow with the brick-and-cream lattice pattern, or the rectangular one with blue stripes?

Because I rewarded him for sitting nicely for the camera, Won Ton votes for whichever one gets him another treat.


  1. Rattan chairs are incredible assets to have around your home. The style and elegance they exude will add a flavor to the area where you have the rattan chairs hung. You can turn a normal chair into a place of paradise by hanging a rattan chair.

  2. When an apartment development blocked a waterview and presented some privacy concerns to a group of residents in Sydney, there was only one answer; grow some giant bamboo and keep prying eyes out!

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