Friday, September 20, 2013

New Shoes

Recently I bought new shoes for walking the canyon and walking my dogs. They're exactly the same as the last pair I bought at REI, the mecca for All Things Outdoorsy. That's my old shoe on the left; the new is on the right:

Looking down from the top, there's not too much noticeable wear, right? But the back view is another story. Here's both left shoes, and this time the old one is on the right:

(Why do I keep flipping the old/new shoes around? Sorry.) Now you can see the shocking difference: I've totally ground down the heel of the old shoe (on the left, below), compared with the new one on the right:

Apparently I've got a wicked left-foot heel strike. These shoes only last me a half a year or so, with the beating I give them. The nice folks at REI told me so, because they record all my purchases in their computer.

Before I could feel bad about being so beastly to my shoes, the nice young man said to me, "Half a year is about right, for really active folks like you."


I floated out of there with my new shoes under my arm.


  1. Glad you got some new shoes! I've been told the same thing: 6 months is about the lifespan for walking shoes when one walks regularly every day; actually, I would think YOU might need to replace them a bit more often because you are ARE so active. :-)

  2. Oh, this shoe looks very strange. Definitely I would buy it as a birthday gift for my dad :)

  3. The shoes seem to be great for hiking, don’t they? Of course, congratulation for your new shoes! Hope this time you will get long time support from the same shoes. What is the price of the pair of the shoes?

  4. You talk about some good and best shoes.In our modern life shoes is must this for everyday.So is also use to protect plantar fasciitis.thanks for this post.

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  7. Wow, that old pair looked worn out! Do you think that pair would be a good achilles tendonitis shoes?



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