Thursday, August 15, 2013

Roxie, the Rescued Greyhound

 This is Roxie, a rescued greyhound:

She lives with my sister and her husband in Los Gatos. Roxie is one reason why I love Los Gatos.

She has the longest nose and toes of any dog I've ever met:

She has a big, poofy bed that she loves to flop in:

 In all sorts of silly positions:

Roxie loves her friends in the neighborhood:

And she loves going for a car ride in her specially adapted van:

Roxie loves a walk in the park with her dad:

And licking almond butter off your finger:

She is sweet with babies:

And other dogs:

Two or three times a day, Roxie loves to go outside on this putting green in her back yard and tear up and down at top speed, like the racing athlete she used to be:

But mostly, Roxie loves to hang out. This is her own teddy bear:

And this is her momma, who loves her:

Me too, Roxie. I love you, too.


  1. SO sweet! I dearly love this photo montage of our dear Roxie -- thank you!



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