Sunday, August 25, 2013

Inspiration for a Color Scheme

Every Sunday when I bring I bring in the newspaper, I think, "What a great source for a color scheme this is!":

All the colors are of a similar weight...not too bright, a little bit muted, but not at all muddy:

All the colors go together with each other beautifully. You could pick any two or three for a room, and accent with a third or fourth color:

Any way you mix 'n' match them, the combos look terrific. You could build an entire home's color scheme around them. You could even use them to build a wardrobe:

This would be my favorite combo: Camel, teal, plum, and warm red:

This color scheme makes me long for cool-weather things--knit sweaters, tweed jackets, opaque tights, and scarves around the neck.

C'mon, Fall! I'm tired of Summer!

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