Friday, March 8, 2013

Clutterbusting the Tights Drawer...With Pugs

I'm on an ongoing campaign to reduce 10% of my things. I don't need or use all the stuff I have, and I want to clear out the clutter. So I'm going through my home, one cupboard/drawer/shelf at a time, identifying the 10% that's easiest to give away or toss. When I tackle my clutter in such small increments, it's easy.

Yesterday, I reviewed my drawer full of tights. I keep them in a little cloth-covered lingerie sorter, but it's swamped by too much stuff:

As I've done in the past, I pulled everything in the drawer out into the light and took a look. Pao Pao had other ideas about what to do:

 "You SURE you'd rather play with your tights than my new red ball?"

To decide about tights, you really have to try them all on. I was looking for holes, runs, and snags--immediate reason to toss them. None of this, "Oh, I can wear them under jeans, or with tall boots!" No. If tights are not booboo-free, toes to waist, they go. Life's too short to deal with annoying tights that aren't quite right. Especially since they don't cost that much to replace.

If you're a guy--or a gal who never wears tights--the same rule can be applied to your sock drawer.

I love these fishnet tights, below. I wear them instead of sheer black nylons, which seem sort of dated. There's something about a silver-haired gal in black fishnets that's a little surprising. I like that. So they stay.

The Furballs gave these chocolate-brown cable-knit tights the two-paws-up. Booboo free, nice color, good fit, and an interesting, not-too-crazy pattern. I'm keeping them.

A little more huffing and puffing, and I'd tried on every pair. Only four of them made the cut!

The rest will be washed and given away to Goodwill.

Time to go buy some more fishnets.

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