Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Copycatting a Silver Beauty?

It's well documented: I'm a sucker for silver-haired, beautiful women. I've written about them here and here and here. My hands-down, absolutely favorite Goddess of All Things Silver is probably model-turned-makeup-maven, Cindy Joseph. She is the founder and owner of Boom!, a line of cosmetics aimed at gals who don't look like they're 22 any more and don't give a damn.

Give a darn.

Take your pick.

Anyhow, I adore Ms. Joseph, who looks like this when she's all glammed up for a photo shoot:


Cindy writes on her Boom! website that she was a high school senior in 1969, so that makes her around 62 or 63 years old now. Not only is she gorgeous, she seems to be age-defying.

Even when she's fresh-faced and wearing street clothes, she still looks remarkable:

Recently I got new glasses. And a certain tee shirt from Gap.

Gaaa! It looks like I'm trying to copycat her; I wasn't. I promise!

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