Thursday, May 3, 2012

Roadside Rescues, Pottery Barn Edition

Here's my most recent roadside rescue--a four-foot-long display ledge I found on top of a trash can near my house:

I thought I recognized it, and I turned it over to make sure my guess was correct. Yup: Pottery Barn:

It's still sold in their catalog. This ledge retails for $65, before tax:
It has such a nice, deep curve to it:

It has been knocked a tiny bit on one edge:

 And it's dusty, but that's hardly a problem:

I've asked Lovely Daughters #1 and #2 if they'd like it, and if so, in its original medium-brown wood color?:

Or maybe glossy white. Because now that I have mastered the fundamentals of sanding and spraying, I'm on a tear!

 Photo: lovelihood

And anything white on gray walls looks so pretty.

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