Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Charming Town of Chatham

When The Hubby and I were in Cape Cod last week, we took a short walk from the Chatham Bars Inn, where we stayed, into the tiny and adorable town of Chatham.

We strolled under crabapple trees in full bloom:

We walked past immaculately kept houses. The wraparound porches and gingerbread-y millwork made me squeal with joy:

Most Chatham houses are variations on the gray cedar-shake/white trim look:

But every town has its rebels, right?:

Lilacs--almost impossible to grow here in Los Angeles--were in full bloom:

Naturally, I was attracted to any oddball sign we came across:

  Is that thing on the right supposed to be a dog? Where is its tail? Where are its ears?

 (Locals told us this sign means "There are lots of people around here; so watch out!)

At first The Hubby and I thought this said "Accommodations for Articulate People." I would've loved that! But it actually reads "...for Particular People":

The shops in Chatham are ridiculously adorable:

This is the Chamber of Commerce. It's the size of a child's lunchbox:

I saw a group of teenagers with skateboards hanging out just to the right of this group of buildings, desperately trying to look cool:

I felt sorry for them: It must be hard to come off as hip and edgy and gritty when you live in a town that looks like the lovechild of Hello Kitty and Martha Stewart.

I mean, even their garages are cute!:

Even their mailboxes are beautifully decorated:

There was so much picturesque adorableness, I had to put my head down between my knees a couple of times.

 Just kidding.


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  1. Cute overload? I didn't think that was possible for a woman with 3 pugs!! Looks like you had a fantastic time!



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