Friday, August 26, 2011

My Favorite Things About the Funny Looking House

Some of the things I love best about the Funny Looking House:

The bright-red peephole in the front door.

The shelf for taking off your shoes in the entry.

The quirky windows.

The free-wheeling color scheme.

The re-purposed family things, including these chairs, which are at least 60 years old.

The happy red IKEA chairs for $10 each, and the seats-ten, Mission-style table I found for $45, all from Goodwill. The way the chairs and table both go with this hand-woven Guatemalan table runner, a gift from a friend.

The granite counters and glass-tile back splash in the kitchen.

The way that, even though there's a blue color scheme in the kitchen, there's a welcome spot for a sunny yellow teakettle.

The bar, which connects the dining room to the kitchen.

The note stuck on the inside of the door so Lovely Daughter #2 doesn't forget anything in the morning as she zooms off to her day.

The mid-century Scandinavian bureau that Lovely Daughter #1 snagged to use as a sideboard in the dining room.

The red mirror I found two years ago at a yard sale, and the highboy Lovely Daughter #2 fell in love with the moment we saw it at a junk shop.

The presence of something living in the entry.

The way the KitchenAid looks so good against the kitchen tiles.
The Anthropologie knobs in the kitchen.

The floating Lack shelves from IKEA in the kitchen.

The deep pantry, stocked and ready to feed the Lovely Daughters.

The lime tree in the front yard.

LinkAnd the cute neighbors.


  1. LOTS of things to like, in the GFLH (GREAT Funny Little House!)which is now so full of color, life, and that personal/creative touch that makes a house a home. Thanks for the great tour!



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