Thursday, August 25, 2011

Funny Looking House: Kitchen Before-and-After

Yesterday I showed you some of the changes in the outside area and front bedroom of the Funny Looking House. The biggest renovation occurred in the kitchen, which was gutted right down to the studs.

The area to the right of the kitchen sink (looking down a bit,) Before:

That same area (looking up a bit), After:

To the left of the kitchen sink, Before:

To the left of the kitchen sink, After:

Looking from the dining room into the kitchen, Before:

The same view, During:

And an almost-done After:

The washer and dryer area, Before:

The washer and dryer area, After:

The ceiling lighting, Before:

And After:

This side of the kitchen used to be what we called "The Red Wall," Before:

The Red Wall, After:

Tomorrow: My favorite things about the FLH!

1 comment:

  1. Fantastic!! Love everything about it (especially the flowing ceiling lights).
    "Wow!" and "Congrats!" to all of you on a job well done!



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