Friday, May 6, 2011

A Subject Close to my Heart

Ack! the photos are fuzzy! I apologize....But what they're about is important, so here goes.

This red bandage is my favorite thing I wore all week:

That's because I gave blood at my local Red Cross. And it was a biggie--my 48th donation. In other words, in my life so far I've given 6 gallons of blood! I got a little plastic pin with a "6" on it to mark the occasion:

It's just a cheap little thing, but I couldn't be more proud of it than if it were made of enamel and 20-carat gold:

If I give blood as often as I can in the future, it will take me 10 years to donate another 6 gallons.

If you have been thinking of donating blood, here's the American Red Cross web site.

Giving blood is giving life. Pure and simple.

Please consider joining me in this effort. Thank you.



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