Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My Last Starbucks Iced Coffee

This may be my last Starbucks iced coffee for a long time.

Naaaah, not because I'm giving them up. I can't make it through the hot Valley summer without Starbucks iced coffees.

Nope, it's because I'm changing over from the one-use, throwaway plastic cups that Starbucks uses to this:

It's a reusable cold-drink cup from Starbucks.

The instructions come on a cardboard circle atop the cup. Pretty easy stuff:

And yup, it's all plastic, but I can use it and wash it and use it again and again. The nice folks said don't put it in the dishwasher. No problem. I hand-wash stuff daily and only fill up a dishwasher every other day or so.

Even the sturdy plastic straw is well made. It has a little donut at the bottom to keep it from pulling completely out of the lid. (You pull it out the other direction to swish it clean in soapy water.)

The cup is really two cups that interlock:

On the inner one, you can mark your fave drink and sign your name, in permanent or wipe-away ink:

Then you screw that cup into the larger sleeve with the familiar green logo:

Like-a this:

And you're good to go! No more single-use plastic being made for me! From now on, I'm going to keep this cup twined in the handles of my purse. So if I go out the door, it goes with me. Every day.

If you want one of these beauties, get it now. They went on sale today in my area of the city, and the barristas tell me this seasonal item is only available in the late spring and sells out quickly.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a big, cold iced coffee calling my name.


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