Monday, October 18, 2010

Fork Re-Do

I was fishing around in the back of the silverware drawer yesterday, and my fingers wrapped around something that felt odd. This is what I drew out:

Yikes! What happened to those tines? They aren't scored or scratched, so I don't think the fork had an unfortunate spin in the garbage disposal. More likely, it got caught up in the drawer's glides, and then somebody tried to shove the drawer shut with a hard push.

It really did a number on the tines. I tried to shove them back into place, but no dice.

The Hubby only met with moderate success in re-aligning the tines. He was about to suggest getting out the pliers or a vise when I had an idea.

A recipe-card holder! The tines of the fork are perfectly splayed to hold a recipe at a gentle tilt on the counter while I cook:

So, thank you, JJEvensen, for offering such a pretty item on Etsy for $10:

But some doofus pushing too hard on a drawer just made me one of these puppies for free!

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