Thursday, September 9, 2010

Patron of the Arts

This week, I became a patron of the arts! I bought my first-ever, commissioned-just-for-me work of art.

The artist is a friend of mine from years ago, when I had a cowlick-haired little second-grade boy and she was his teacher.
Now, she's a full-blown artist, with her own studio and gallery showings and customers. Like me.

I wanted a landscape. A little jewel of a landscape. Something that would remind me of my childhood in Kansas. The green, undulating fields of ripening wheat and corn. The shimmering heat. The glorious, towering skies. And this little gem, about 5 x 7 inches, rendered in acrylics, is what she produced:

It has the green-and-yellow fields of crops:

The shimmering heat that makes your eyes cross:

The glorious piles of cumulus clouds in the blue, blue sky:

There's even a couple of crows, getting swept along in the wind:

I love how this modern painting, in its stark black frame, plays off the old-fashioned stuff in my kitchen:

Every time I walk by it, I am thrilled.

Thank you, Shula. May you paint long and prosper!

(If you want to commission a work of art, it's not hard. Go to art fairs, gallery openings, and showings at art schools. Talk to the artists. Find one whose style you like. Many artists would be pleased to create something just for you.)

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