Sunday, August 8, 2010

English Flora

I can't go on vacation without photographing flowers. It just can't be done.

Ditto ferns, leaves, trees, bark, and branches.

Equally hard is winnowing down all the photos I take to a manageable two dozen or so. Well, maybe three dozen. Oh, alright: somewhere over 50. Here are my favorite photos of English fauna, from wild things that grow on rough, rocky hillsides, to the most coddled potted plants:

Foxglove and sheep's wool, Lake District

Lobelia and Marigolds, Hotel Derwentwater, Portinscale

English Sycamore and Moss, Lake District

Wild Grasses, Lake District

Lavender, Cambridge University

Water Lilies, Cambridge

Lobelias and Impatiens, Cambridge

English Sycamore, Grantchester

Reeds on the River Cam, Grantchester

Majestic Tree, Grantchester

Apple Tree, The Orchard, Grantchester

Thistle, Lake District

Climbing Rose, Cambridge

Wild Blackberry Blossoms, Cambridge environs

Begonias (in the middle distance), Jesus College, Cambridge University

Ivy, Cambridge

Lavender, Hyde Park, London

Geraniums, The Tower of London

Roses in the rain, London

I haven't got a clue what this is!

Morning Glory, the Lake District

Acorns a-budding, the Lake District

Sundew, the Lake District

Some Sort of Daisy #1, Lake District

Some Sort of Daisy #2, Lake District

Tree branches above Ullswater, the Lake District

Moss atop a barn roof, Ullswater

Twilight in the garden at the Lyzzick Hall Hotel, Lake District

Roses, Lake District

Uhh, don't know what these are, but aren't they pretty?

Kiwi, Rydal Mount, Wordsworth's last home

More Roses, Lake District

Wild Raspberry Blossoms, Lake District

Wild Raspberries, Lake District

Rhododendron, Lake District

Hydrangeas, Lake District

Fuschias, Grassmere

A garden in Grassmere

Petunias and Lobelias, Grassmere

Moss, Coniston

Bracken-bedecked bench, Coffin Road, above Grassmere

Locals call this little wildflower "Golden Spike,"near Loughrigg Fell

Ferns in basket, Rydal Mount

Lace Cap Hydrangea, Rydal Mount

Captured raindrops, Lake District

Not sure what this was, but the color was a spectacular citron green, Hotel Derwentwater, Portinscale

Pansy, Farmer Brian's, Buttermere

Mushrooms, Lake District

Hazelnut Tree, Lake District

Oak leaves, Lake District

Heather, Lowther Estate, Lake District


  1. Even prettier than I remember them, and I was there! Thanks for making the memories even better.




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