Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What's In a Name?

It's kind of fun having a middle name that's so popular right now. I can find my family name all sorts of places. On skin-care products and their pretty-colored totes:

And little boxes of mints:

I can drink my family name in the morning:

And indulge in a scoopful of my name at night:
There's a lot of indulgence associated with this name. There's chocolates:

And spas:

and bakeries:

Lots of bakeries:
If I ever wanted to open a bakery with my surname in the title, I'd have to work hard to come up with an original one. Seems like all the good Bliss names have been taken.

But then, sometimes it's an honor when somebody swipes your name, like this young, up-and-coming author did:

I hear this writer is destined for great things!

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