Thursday, April 16, 2009

Suggestions for summer shoes?

I'm looking for a new pair of summer shoes. My go-to shoes have always been my favorite worn-in Rainbows, but I can't wear open-toed shoes in my lab. I can, however, wear skirts, and a summer skirt with tennis shoes is not a pretty look. So I need a new pair, and I'm looking for suggestions.

Criteria include:
  • closed-toed (although I don't think they have to have a back)
  • comfortable to wear to work all day (no heels, some support would be nice)
  • will stay on my really narrow feet (This rules out most ballet-slipper types, but please let me know if you know a line/brand runs narrow. Mary Jane-types or things with a strap are usually okay.)
  • can be worn with bare feet
  • look cute with a skirt

Any leads for me? Styles or brands you'd suggest?


  1. I assume you've tried Googling "narrow" w/ "closed toe" and "womens' shoes" online? Also try Nordstrom (online or in store). They've always had great selections and knowledgeable salespersons.

  2. hey, i am looking for EXACTLY the same type of shoes, especially once my foot is all un-bandaged. and my feet are also narrow! will you let me know if you find anything awesome?? :)

  3. I ended up ordering two pairs from Zappos:

    I plan on trying them both on and returning whichever I like least. I'll let you know how it goes!

  4. I know most people don't like the look of crocs, but they are so comfortable. I love my cotton candy colored mary janes, and my 11 year old loves her ballet styled ones in lt pink also, she has a narrow foot and wears an woman's size 8. Great support and I just ordered myself white ones for summer, love them with capris and skirts. you know what they say don't knock em until you try em!



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