Saturday, April 25, 2009


So, there is this "trend" that I have been seeing around a fair amount lately, and it is apparently all the rage! for the coming season...long, long, summer dresses. To be worn with equally long beaded necklaces, ridiculously oversized sunglasses a la Hogwarts' Professor Trelawney, and perhaps a pair of bejeweled flip-flops. Well, perhaps you can tell, I'm not the biggest fan of this trend, nor what the LA socialites do to it. They look like they're caught between black-tie and hippie-chic, and in my opinion, that is not a good place to be.... Though many a fashion blogger is currently describing these dresses as comfy and oh-so-stylish, I can't help but think that they just don't do anything for the wearer...not to mention they look long enough for the slightly more clumsy of us to trip over with every step. 

Gerard Deral Spring/Summer 2008

Nicole Richie

For me, this season is about short, flowy dresses in bright colors or fun prints. It's summer! I don't want to be bogged down by yards of fabric swinging around my legs, I want to be able to move and stay cool. These dresses are much more along the lines of my summer style, and I am very much looking forward to wearing similar ones now that the whether is heating up.

Caranday Dress from Anthroplogie

Inagua Dress from Anthropologie
Tattoo Print Strapless Dress, Alexander McQueen for Target

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  1. ugly. this is even worse than the bathrobe trend of '00-'02.



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