Saturday, September 19, 2015

Kate Spade Polka Dots

Kate Spade continues to crank out adorable china collections. Here's her letter-A mug from a series of alphabet plates and mugs. Every letter has a different color and pattern, but of course I love the dotted ones best:

This is her random-dot version of a kitchen-utensil crock. I don't need it, but I SO want to buy it for somebody:

The tins hold four large-sized cookie cutters. I don't need extra cookie cutters, either, but I'm tempted to buy them, just to get my hands on the tin:

(Just a small quibble, Kate: Ampersand-shaped cookies will be a b**ch to slide off a hot cookie sheet.)

And her randomized polka-dot plates. And bowls with snap-style lids:

 I want them all!

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