Monday, August 31, 2015

Hot-Weather Window Shopping

It's SO hot here, guys! August and September traditionally are L.A.'s hottest months of the year. Sometimes when I can't get all three dogs walked before the morning heat sets in, I head to Macy's with the last one.

Inside the department store, it's nice and cool, and they have a standing policy of welcoming dogs. Pao came with me this time; he had such fun, and I got in some great window-shopping.

Pao posed in front of this poster:

He and I found these great Oxfords by Tahari. I need something like these to replace a pair falling apart after three seasons of almost constant wear:

I also found that my favorite flats comes in this adorable black-and-white version:

(I ended up going back two days later to get these--on sale, too!)

I never was swayed by Kate Spade purses, but Kate Spade china? Love!

That apron with the sweetheart neckline and the little ruffle is just calling my name.

These beauties stopped me in my tracks:

The blue one reminds me so much of a powder box my Nana got from a sale at the estate of Jeanette MacDonald:

We're months away from sweater weather, but of course the stores are filled with them. These ladies literally seem to have yarn on the brain:

Because Pao was such a good shopping buddy, when we got home, I spelled out his name in kibble for lunch and let him go at it:

He sat beautifully and waited until I said, "Okay!"

Good boy, Pao. We'll go window-shopping again soon.

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  1. Your personality-plus pugs just crack me up -- and precious Pao is no exception. What a delightful post (and window shopping day)! xoxo



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