Wednesday, June 18, 2014

My Trash, Somebody Else's Treasure

A few days ago, I got real with myself: I had a whole bunch of odd bits in my storage shed that needed to be tossed. Or given away. Or a combination of the two.

These were things I'd picked off the curb, myself, and was hoping to rehabilitate, someday.

You know how that goes: "Oh, that chair would be so cute if I sanded it and painted it and added a cushion...."

Except you never get around to it.

So I put everything out on the curb. Then, throughout the day, I watched the pile slowly diminish.

First to go was the taller chair and the urn on the smaller chair (above). They both disappeared within an hour of going out to the curb.

My handyman liberated the two front picture frames. He said he'd give them to his wife, who's a crafter. I'm glad they'll finally get the attention they deserve; thank you, Mr. Handyman!

The terra cotta pots stayed on the curb until after dark, when somebody swept them up. The oval windows were spirited away sometime between my bedtime and coffee the next morning.  

Around noon the second day, everything was gone except these two window frames. Then a sweet young woman knocked on my door, introduced herself as a crafter, and asked if I would mind if she took them. 

Would I mind? Certainly not! She saved me a trip to Goodwill.

And now my storage shed is uncluttered again.

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  1. Love it -- on so many levels! Twice a year our waste disposal co. has a “free clean up” day where people can put out on the curb anything they don’t want, and the trash trucks come pick it up…but the fun thing, as I walk the neighborhood before the trucks arrive, is to see the piles dwindle in size as passers-by pick out treasures from someone else’s discards; there are even people who drive around days before the scheduled pickup, often in the dead of night, to get first pick of the "treasures”. Its always fun to see which of our discards end up being coveted by someone else; and, actually, I’ve retrieved a few treasured things my self -- including a charming lamp on my desk that worked perfectly and was just what the office needed. Fun! (Whatcha gonna put in the shed, now?)



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