Friday, January 10, 2014

Saying Goodbye

I had to say Goodbye to one of my favorite bloggers today.

She's a mom and an author. A homemaker and photographer of great skill. She survived a horrendous accident that disfigured her but didn't break her spirit. She's also a staunch Republican and a Mormon, and I never had a problem with that.

But today, she called same-sex marriage between two consenting, loving adults a "fad" and a "trend" and said she wouldn't be jumping on the bandwagon to say it's okay. She said she had to stand up for her beliefs.

Well, I'm standing up for MY beliefs.

I believe she is dead wrong. Legalizing same-sex marriage isn't giving in to a fad. Or, if it is, then abolishing slavery was a fad.  Giving the vote to women was a fad. Passing the "Americans with Disabilities" Act was a fad.

This blogger also implied that the whole same-sex thing is something cooked up by modern society.

Oh, sweetie.

Homosexuality, and love between homosexuals, has been around since the dawn of human time. Have you never heard of Sappho? Or Alexander the Great? Or Oscar Wilde?

And so, after hesitating for one second (after all, I will miss her beautiful photos and lovely blog), I hit the "Unsubscribe" button.

She is entitled to her opinions, but she doesn't get space in my head any longer.

Although I may briefly think of her when, this May 25, I attend my first gay wedding. One of the grooms is a young man I've known almost all his life. I will celebrate the love he has for his beloved. And I will thank Providence that we live in a time when enlightened people are capable of passing laws to ensure equal protection under the law to all people. Regardless of what they look like. Or whom they love.

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