Thursday, June 16, 2011

Junk-Shop Bar Stools

Now that the Funny Little House is in Full Remodel Mode, we are looking for furniture that won't bust the budget. Because total-house makeovers are expensive!

So I was really happy when I found solid-wood bar stools from the local neighborhood junk shop for $25 each. I was even happier when I negotiated the price down a bit, to $20 per.

They are painted with a wood grain, but we plan to paint them over in some cheerful color. Even with no padded seat, they are a very comfy perch, with two options for the foot rest:

They have a cute, simple sort of vibe:

The seating is a little scratched:

But the marks and the current color don't matter.

It also doesn't matter that pug butt sat on the stools today.

Because soon enough, they'll be painted. Then Lovely Daughters #1 and #2 can perch on these stools at their brand-new bar, sip a morning cup of coffee, and collect their thoughts before rushing off for the day ahead.

And helping them do that is worth way more than a paltry forty bucks.

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