Friday, June 5, 2009

New Lunch Box

I don't really have a lunch box; I have a lunch bag. And it's not even a real lunch bag, it's a re-purposed gold Godiva bag with a plastic-y coating that keeps it from falling apart when something leaks. Unlike many other cheap paper bags, it has soft woven handles and a footprint big enough to fit a medium-sized tupperware flat on the bottom. It has faithfully served me for about eight months, carrying my lunch to work every day since I moved to Seattle.

But now I've found something I hope will be even better, and I'm really excited.
This bag from Built (found via Seattle food blog Not Without Salt) just makes me so happy. A) It has polka dots. Duh. B) It insulates whatever is inside, keeping my dairy from turning warm and gross by lunchtime. C) It's big enough to fit my tupperware flat but it also zips closed! What an ingenious invention! I have had to chase a skittering plastic tub through my work's parking lot on more than one occasion. Problem solved. And at $25 plus shipping, it wasn't even too much of a splurge.

(The splurge would have to be this laptop sleeve that I decided I really don't need but still thought was so cute. I mean, everyone wants a matching polka dot laptop case and lunch box, right? Anyone? Sigh. Silly me.)


  1. So I just stumbled onto your blog...and that lunch box is really cute, but I think I like that laptop sleeve too! I might have to think about buying one...



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